Lab photo April 2019


Rachel Brownis a PhD student in the linguistics department with a minor in cognitive science (advisor Thomas G. Bever).  She is interested in ambiguity resolution, the interaction between semantics and syntax, sentence processing and user experience research. Her work in this lab examines the processing of multiword expressions (e.g. tall wheat farmer, automatic copy machine) in sentences. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys reading fiction, hiking, baking cookies, and dancing. 

Undergraduate Students

Emma Armstrong was a part of the lab from 2016 until she graduated in 2019 with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and minors in Biochemistry and Linguistics. Throughout her time in the lab, she helped collect EEG data for several projects before working on and completing her honors thesis looking at the effect of emojis on the processing of emotional language. She is currently working as a full-time researcher in a clinical trials laboratory at the University of Arizona and completing a Master's degree.

Aniha Kumar was part of the lab from 2017 and graduated in 2019 with a B.SC. in Psychology and a minor in Molecular Biology. Her contributions to the lab include collecting and processing EEG data for various projects. During her last semester, she took on the role of a lab manager, where she managed undergraduate researchers, multiple projects and the lab facility. She worked closely with Dr. Lai on a project investigating the effect of metaphorical language on the emotional state of an individual. She is currently a graduate student for the Psychology M.A. program at San Diego State University.

Elizabeth Heidler was an undergraduate student in the lab and graduated in Fall 2019 with a BA in Psychology. She is interested in the psychology field, particularly in neuropsychology. Elizabeth worked a research assistant helping collect EEG data and analyze data and acted as undergraduate lab manager in Fall 2019. When she has spare time, Elizabeth loves to practice yoga, hike, drink tea, and spend time with friends.

Katie Sendek was an undergraduate studying Cognitive Neuroscience at the College of Wooster and visited the University of Arizona as a summer research assistant on APEX funding. She graduated in Spring 2020 from College of Wooster. Katie's honors thesis looked at differences in the processing of taboo language in American and British English. She is currently a PhD student at UC San Diego. Outside of the lab, she likes to play rugby, hike, read, and watch movies.  

Colin Tidwell is an undergraduate student who graduated in Spring 2020 with a major in psychology and a minor in Spanish. His honors thesis in the lab tried to better understand the link between metaphor use and mental health outcomes. Currently, Colin is a PhD student in the clinical program at the UA. In his free time, Colin enjoys traveling, running, and doing mental health advocacy work.

Caleb Troncoso wrote his honors thesis in the lab and graduated in Spring 2018. His thesis looked at the learning of science concepts with metaphor. He is currently in a graduate program in Educational Psychology.

picture of shannon Shannon Macneil was an undergraduate student and graduated in Spring 2020 with a double major in Psychology and Education, and a minor in History. She worked as a research assistant in the lab, as well as being undergraduate lab manager in Spring 2020. Shannon is currently pursuing post-bachelor training at ASU to become a Speech-Language-Pathologist. Her favorite things to do outside of the lab are singing, playing guitar, hiking, spending time with friends, going on road trips, and learning new things! 

picture of claudia Claudia Valenzuela graduated in Spring 2020 with a BS from NSCS: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and a minor in Marketing. She is specifically interested in neuromarketing and understanding how certain words used in ad campaigns attract people with like interests. Outside of the lab, she enjoys reading Sci-Fi novels, spending time with friends, traveling, and watching movies. 

danielaDaniela Georges was an undergraduate student majoring in NSCS: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and graduated in Fall 2019. She is interested in language development, specifically bilingualism. Daniela worked on her honors thesis in the lab to better understand how perception of motion events may change for Polish-English bilinguals. Outside of lab and school, she is training at the pool as a competitive swimmer. In her free time, Daniela enjoys reading, cooking, and hiking

vincentVincent Severietti is an undergraduate student majoring in BS of Psychology. His goal is to become a Physical Therapist and own his own clinic. His favorite things to do outside of class are running, watching sports, seeing movies, and hanging out with friends.

finlayFinlay Parsons is an undergraduate student majoring in math, philosophy, and physics. He's interested in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology and is working the the lab as an undergraduate research assistant. In this free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, and drumming.

alexaAlexa Garcia was an undergraduate honors student from San Diego, California. She graduated in Spring 2020 with a BS in Psychology. Her goal is to become a clinical Psychologist, as her interests are both in clinical and cognitive psychology. She hopes to use her time here in the lab to better her understanding of the cognitive effects language has on the brain. In her free time, she enjoys visiting family and walking her fluffy pup Buttercup.