Participate in a Study

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Laboratory is in room #113, located in the basement of the Psychology building on the University of Arizona's main campus. Maps are available here and here

Participants who sign up for EEG experiments will be asked to perform a series of language tasks. During some of these tasks, we will record your natural, ongoing brainwave activity. A small amount of water-soluble gel will get into your hair from the brainwave cap. This will easily wash out the next time you shower and use shampoo to lather the hair. You may wish to bring a baseball cap or a hair-tie to wear after the study because your hair might appear messy or disheveled immediately after. However, to minimize the time needed to set up the EEG cap, please shower and rinse out your hair either the night before or the morning of your session; just don't arrive with hair still wet. Further, if you wear contacts, you should bring your glasses to wear during the study for comfort, as contacts can dry out your eyes. To be eligible, you must be right-handed, a native speaker of American English, and not have been exposed to any other languages as a child. Additionally, you should have no history of neurological abnormalities (e.g., no seizures, no concussions, etc.), and not be taking any psychoactive medications (anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, anti-migraine, ADHD medication, etc.).

Here is a picture of what the experiment looks like. You can also read about it in this Arizona Daily article

EEG setup