(If you are a prospective graduate student, please apply through the Psychology Department and/or contact Dr. Lai directly. We are accepting new graduate students. If you are an undergraduate student interested in gaining research experiences, please fill the form under the 'Join the Lab' tab. Thanks!)

November 2018

Dr. Lai was elected as a Fellow in the Psychonomic Society. 


October 2018

Emma received NSCS (Neuroscience & Cognitive Science) undergraduate research award. Congrats!


April 2018

Caleb won the best poster award at the 13th Annual Arizona WAESO Student Research Conference. Congrats!


March 2018

Stanley received a pre-doctoral grant from Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Institute (SBSRI) here at U of A. Congrats!

Nyssa presented a poster "Beating around the evergreen bush: Conventionality violations elicit P300" in the 31st Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference at UC Davis from March 15-17.

Stanley presented a poster "Brain potentials of expressive content: New evidence for semantic theory" in the 31st Annual CUNY Sentence Processing Conference at UC Davis from March 15-17.

Tachelle and Caleb presented their posters on "Learning with Figurative Language" at the 13th Annual Arizona WAESO Student Research Conference at Arizona State University in Phoenix on March 1.


Fall 2017

Dr. Lai was awarded small grants to support underrepresented undergraduate students from Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (WAESO) - ASU for two students in Fall 2017 and four students in Spring 2017.

Dr. Lai was on Maternity leave.


June 2017

Nyssa joined the lab as our postdoc. Welcome, Nyssa!

Tachelle joined the lab through the 2017 NIH Undergraduate Student Research program. Welcome, Tachelle!

Stanley presented "What the hell? What swearing can tell us about conventional implicatures" at XPrag 2017 (the 7th biannual Experimental Pragmatics) in Cologne, Germany. Good job, Stanley!


May 2017

Rachel received the University of Arizona Research and Project (ReaP) Grants for fall 2017. She will use the fund to continue working on her EEG study that examines the processing of multiword expressions in the lab. Congrats, Rachel!


April 2017

Stanley received two awards from Germany: Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics, and Scientists (DAAD) and Studienstiftung des Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin. He will be working on pragmatics at the Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS) in Berlin, starting in October 2017, for a period of one year. Congrats, Stanley!

Emma is awarded the Undergraduate Biology Research program for summer 2017. She will be working on a neuroscience project on spatial navigation using rats with Dr. Jean-Marc Fellous, and a cognitive neuroscience project on human emotion and language with us. Congrats, Emma!

Vicky has a new paper in Brain and Language on the effects of motion speed in action representations. Please see the publication page.


March 2017 

After 7 months of renovation, the EEG lab is functioning now - Hooray!         


August 2016

Vicky started as an assistant professor in Psychology Department and the Cognitive Science program at the University of Arizona.