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April 2021

Sophia received honorable mention for her poster presentation: "Emotional Words in Contexts and Health Aging: Introduction" at the 15th Annual Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (WAESO) Student Conference. Congrats, Sophia!

Li-Chuan (Matt) won the 2021 Outstanding Research in Cognitive Science Award from the Cognitive Science Graduate Interdisciplinary Program! He will present his research during the Cognitive Science Colloquium on April 30th. Congrats, Matt!


March 2021

Three undergraduate students attended the WAESO student conference and presented their work on emotional word processing in younger and older adults. Well done, Luis, Miranda & Sophia!

Anna presented her work "Event Completion, Not Ongoingness, Is Language Dependent: Crosslinguistic Evidence from ERPs in English and Russian" at the 34th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing. Good job Anna!


February 2021

Valeria presented her work: The Impact of Verbal Irony on Negativity Over Time at the 2021 Annual GPSC Student Showcase and won first place in her category: Communication & Expression. Congrats, Valeria!


January 2021

We received funding from the Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (WAESO) for the Spring semester to continue working with students from underrepresented backgrounds in science!

We are looking for paid fMRI participants for a study on learning science concepts! If you are interested, please contact


December 2020

Valeria participated in the Annual Psychology Department Data Blitz and won the award for best Grad Blitz presentation. Congrats, Valeria!

Vicky and Valeria's work on irony processing in negative context was accepted for publication in the special issue "The Psychology of Saying What You Don't Mean" of the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology. Hooray!


November 2020

Vicky received the university level faculty seed grant titled "Learning science concepts with metaphor and augmented intelligence".


October 2020

We will present three posters at the virtual meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL) 2020 from Oct 21-23. Anna will present: "Semantics or Morphosyntax? Verb Aspect Processing Depends on Obligatoriness of Morphological Encoding". Matt will present: "Positivity bias in low-arousing language in healthy older adults". Valeria will present: "An ERP Investigation of the Effects of Emoji Valence on Text Processing". Please see the presentation tab for details.


September 2020

Anna presented her poster "Semantics or Morphosyntax? Verb Aspect Processing Depends on Obligatoriness of Morphological Encoding" at the virtual 26th Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing Conference (AMLaP).


August 2020

Lab operations continue remotely.

We received funding from Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (WAESO) to fund two underrepresented undergraduate students in the Fall semester. They will be trained and will be involved in a research project studying language processing in healthy older adults. 

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